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Binary/Symbol Search Tab

Binary/Symbol Search
Tab Purpose

Use this tab in the Project Properties dialog box to specify
non-standard directories for the supporting files needed to execute and analyze the target.
With Visual Studio* on Windows* OS, you can instead use the Visual Studio solution and project capabilities to search for specific directories.

Binary/Symbol Search
Tab Location

One of the tabs in the Project Properties dialog box
, which also includes:
To access this tab:
  • From the
    Intel Advisor
    GUI, choose
    Project Properties
    . Then click the
    Binary/Symbol Search
  • From the Visual Studio* menu, choose
    Project >
    Intel Advisor [version] Project Properties...
    . Then click the
    Binary/Symbol Search

Binary/Symbol Search
Tab Controls

Use This
To Do This
On a row containing
Add new search location
, click to browse for directories to include in the search list. You can also type directly in the row. In addition to local directories, you can specify a symbol server URL.
and buttons
Change the search order of the selected directory by moving it up or down. To select multiple rows, use the Ctrl or Shift keys.
Delete a selected directory row(s).
Search recursively
Enable to search the specified location subdirectories. To use recursive search, the lines must provide only a directory name and omit a file name. Using a recursive search for multiple directories may slow processing and could lead to unexpected results.

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