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GPU Roofline Insights

Use the
chart to answer the following questions:
  • What is the maximum achievable performance with your current hardware resources?
  • Does your application work optimally on current hardware resources?
  • If not, what are the best candidates for optimization?
  • Is memory bandwidth or compute capacity limiting performance for each optimization candidate?
To run the
GPU Roofline Insights
  1. Prerequisite:
    Set up environment to analyze GPU kernels.
  2. Choose collection accuracy level to select perspective steps and set analysis properties, depending on the desired results:
    • Low
      : Model your application performance for a target device and get the basic information about potential speed-up and performance.
    • Medium
      : Model your application performance and data transfers between host and target devices.
    • High
      : Model your application performance and data transfers and detect parallel regions to extend list of offload candidates.
    • Custom
      : Customize the perspective flow and properties.
    By default, accuracy is set to
    . For more info, see GPU Roofline Accuracy Presets.
    • For GPU Roofline, the accuracy level controls the complexity of the
      CPU Roofline
      chart generated for loops/functions in your code executed on CPU. If you are interested only in code regions executed on GPU, select
    • The higher accuracy value you choose, the higher runtime overhead is added to your application.
  3. Run the perspective: click button.
    While the perspective is running, you can do the following in the
    Analysis Workflow
    • Control the perspective execution:
      • Stop data collection and see the already collected data: Click the button.
      • Pause data collection: Click the button.
      • Cancel data collection and discard the collected data: Click the button.
    • Expand an analysis with to control the analysis execution:
      • Pause analysis and see the already collected data: Click the button.
      • Stop analysis and start the next analysis selected: Click the button.
      • Interrupt execution of all selected analyses and see the already collected data: Click the button.
    You can generate command lines for selected perspective configuration by clicking the
    Command Line
    button. For CLI wokflow example, see Command Line Use Cases.
Intel® Advisor
generates a GPU Roofline report. Continue to examine GPU bottlenecks on the Roofline chart to investigate the results.

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