User Guide


Adding Nodes, Edges, and Ports

When the tool starts up, you are presented with a blank canvas to which you can add nodes from the list of nodes under
Designer Mode
pane on the left side of the tool.
To add new
  1. Expand a required node group in the
    Designer Mode
  2. Drag the required nodes to the canvas.
  3. Add the dependencies, or
    , between the nodes by clicking an output port of a node and dragging to an input port of another node.
To add new
to a node or delete ports:
  1. Right-click a node to open a context menu.
  2. Choose
    Add an Input/Output Port
    Delete an Input/Output Port
You also can add or remove ports from the
Port Information
tab in the
add or remove ports from a node
New ports are added to the end of a port list and deleted from the end of the list.

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