User Guide


Project Navigator Pane

Project Navigator Pane Purpose and Usage

Use this pane to view, modify, and open existing
Intel® Advisor

Project Navigator Pane Access

To open the
Project Navigator
pane, do one of the following:
  • Click the button on the
    Intel Advisor
  • Choose
    Project Navigator

Project Navigator Pane Controls

Use This
To Do This
Title bar
Drag to move the
Project Navigator
Drag to a window edge to dock the
Project Navigator
Path to project directory
View the location of the currently opened project.
Right-click the path to access the directory context menu.
Project name
Double-click to open the project.
Right-click to access the project context menu.
Opening a project closes the currently opened project.
Result name
Double-click to open the result.
Right-click to access the result context menu.
Opening a result opens the associated project.

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