User Guide


Intel® Advisor
from a Docker* Container for Linux* OS

This section contains steps to run
Intel® Advisor
in a Docker* container. Containers allow you to set up and configure environments and distribute them using images:
  • You can install an image containing an environment pre-configured with all the tools you need, then develop within that environment.
  • You can save an environment and use the image to move that environment to another machine without additional setup.
  • You can prepare containers with different sets of compilers, tools, libraries, or other components, as needed.
Set up the Docker container
  1. Pull the Docker image from the oneAPI Containers Repository with the following commands: docker pull "$image"
  2. Run the Docker container using the following command:
    docker run --cap-add=SYS_PTRACE -it "$image"
    • The
      --device=/dev/dri option
      enables the gpu (if available).
    • You can specify proxy information using options as follows:
      -e http_proxy="$http_proxy" -e https_proxy="$https_proxy"
  3. For the rest of the steps in this section, run any commands from the command line prompt inside the Docker container.
    For example, to set up the Mandelbrot sample, you can run:
    cd /one-api-code-samples/HPC/mandelbrot make ./main -d1 ./main -t gpu # run on gpu ./main -t cpu # run on cpu make clean
  4. Run the following commands to source Advisor variables:
    This step is not required, but allows you to run tools from any directory, rather than using absolute file paths.
    source /opt/intel/oneapi/advisor/latest/env/
  5. Now that your Docker container is running, you can run Advisor from the command line as you would without a container. For example:
    /opt/intel/oneapi/advisor/latest/bin64# advisor --collect survey /bin/ls

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