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Pause/Resume Collection Using API Methods

This is applicable only to Survey, Trip Counts, and FLOP analyses.
To minimize collection overhead, you can pause/resume collection using the corresponding
methods of the Instrumentation and Tracing Technology API (ITT API). This is particularly useful when:
  • You do not want to analyze one or more uninteresting parts of your target application.
  • The interesting parts of your target application involve large workloads.
  • Modifying/recompiling your target application is not an issue.
To attach ITT APIs to a launched application, that is, to collect API data on an application that is already launched, be sure to point the target application to the
library using an environment variable:
  • Windows* OS:
    set INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY32=<install_dir>\bin32\runtime\ittnotify_collector.dll
    set INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY64=<install_dir>\bin64\runtime\ittnotify_collector.dll
  • Linux* OS:
    export INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY32=<install_dir>/lib32/runtime/
    export INTEL_LIBITTNOTIFY64=<install_dir>/lib64/runtime/
Use the full path to the library without quotations marks.
To use pause/resume collection controls when analyzing your application:
  1. Add the following statements to every source file you want to instrument to enable the ITT API:
    • C/C++:
      #include <ittnotify.h>
    • Fortran*:
  2. Insert
    (C/C++) or
    (Fortran) before uninteresting parts of your target application and the
    (C/C++) or
    (Fortran) before interesting parts of your target application.
    For example, the following snippet starts collection in paused mode and skips initialization, collects data in the middle, then pauses collections and skips finalization:
    #include <ittnotify.h> int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { __itt_pause(); // Do uninteresting work here __itt_resume(); // Do work here __it_pause(); //Do uninteresting work here return 0; }
  3. Run the desired analysis using the CLI action
    with the
    option to enable the
    methods in your code. For example, for the Survey analysis:
    advixe-cl --collect=survey --project-dir=./myAdvisorProj --start-paused -- ./bin/myTargetApplication
For the details about using ITT API methods to pause/resume collection, refer to
You can find the open source version of ITT API source code in the official Intel® ITT repository at

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