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Why Not Offloaded: Total Time is Too Small for Reliable Modeling


A code region of interest has
Total time is too small for reliable modeling
as a reason why it is not offloaded.


This can happen if the execution time of a code region or a whole loop nest is less than 0.02 seconds. In this case,
Offload Advisor
cannot estimate the speedup correctly and say if it is worth to offload the code regions because its execution time is close to the sampling interval of the
Intel® Advisor Beta

Possible Solution

If you want to check the profitability of offloading code regions with total time less than 0.02 seconds, use the
option when running performance modeling with
to model such small offloads.
For example:
advixe-python <APM>/ <project-dir> --loop-filter-threshold=0 [options]
on Linux* OS or
on Windows* OS.

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