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CPU Roofline Accuracy Presets

For each perspective, you can choose collection accuracy level. Each accuracy level is a preset of analysis stages and properties with a corresponding accuracy value. The higher accuracy value you choose, the higher runtime overhead is added to the application you run with
Intel® Advisor
The following accuracy levels are available:
Runtime Overhead
Analyses and Properties
1.1 - 5x longer
Survey + Characterization (FLOP)
Cache-Aware Roofline Model report:
  • Plotted for L1 cache hierarchy level
  • Loop represented by a single dot
  • Metrics related only to the loop/function itself excluding data originating in other loops/functions called by it (self data)
10 - 50x longer
Survey + Characterization (Trip Counts and FLOP, Call Stacks, Memory-Level) + Memory Access Patterns
Memory-Level Roofline Model report with call stacks:
  • Plotted for all memory levels (L1, L2, L3, DRAM)
  • Loop is represented by multiple dots for different memory levels
  • Data reported for the loop/function itself and its inner loops/functions (total data)
Allows you to examine a selected loop/function in greater detail, displaying labeled dots with arithmetic intensity for the loop/function at each memory level.
You can choose custom accuracy and set a custom perspective flow for your application. For more information, see Customize
CPU / Memory Roofline Insights
There is a variety of techniques available to minimize data collection, result size, and execution overhead. Check Minimize Analysis Overhead.

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