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Specify a text file containing command line arguments.


is the PATH/name of a text file containing command line arguments.
Actions Modified
Put commonly used options in a UTF-8 text file to shorten the command line and create a reusable invocation syntax. Enter one option on each line. No spaces are allowed in the option entry; use a new line instead.
Arguments specified in an option file are processed before any arguments specified on the command line; therefore, options specified on the command line can override options in an option file.
Create a reusable option file you can use whenever you want to generate a report that specifies the project directory, directory to search for source files, and PATH/name of the output text file.
--project-dir=./advi --search-dir src:=./src --format=text --report-output=./out/annotations.txt
Generate a Suitability report. Use an option file named
$ advixe-cl --report=suitability --option-file=../my_suitability_analysis.txt

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