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No Data


No Data
message appears when you click the
Survey Report
Suitability Report
, or the
Dependencies Report
button and you have not yet run these tools for the currently selected project or startup project (Windows* OS).
This message also appears if
Intel® Advisor
annotations were not executed by the Suitability or Dependencies tools.
When using the
Intel Advisor
GUI, this message may appear if the Suitability or Dependencies tools could not find the source files using the specified project properties.
To help you add annotations to your sources, the
No Data
message is accompanied by the annotation assistant pane.


After you run the
Intel Advisor
Suitability or Dependencies tools, the data collected populates the corresponding
Suitability Report
Dependencies Report
window, and the list of annotations displayed in the
Annotation Report
window is updated.
  • To use the Suitability or Dependencies tools, your project/startup project must execute
    Intel Advisor
    parallel site and task annotations.
  • When using the
    Intel Advisor
    GUI, this message appears when the specified project properties do not provide a correct path to the source location(s).
  • This message can appear with the Survey tool if your target executes quickly and you clicked the
    Started Paused
    button (or equivalent option or Pause Collection annotation) in the side command toolbar. That is, you paused data collection so that data collection did not start until after the target's execution completed, but the target executes too quickly for the Survey tool to analyze.

Possible Solution

  • Use the
    Advisor Workflow
    tab to guide you through the steps needed to run these tools, which analyze your running program.
  • Windows* OS only: If you selected the wrong startup project, select and build the correct startup project and run the tool again.
  • If your project/startup project did not execute
    Intel Advisor
    annotations, make sure you have added parallel site and task annotations to your program and that they get executed when you run the startup project (Windows* OS) / target executable (Linux* OS).
  • When using the
    Intel Advisor
    GUI, open the project and then open
    Project Properties
    dialog box. After checking that the path and target file name of the
    is correct in the
    Analysis Target
    tab, click the
    Source Search
    tab. Insert one or more new rows to specify the path to the source location(s). In this case, you do not need to rebuild your application.
  • If your target executes quickly and you clicked the
    Started Paused
    button (or used the equivalent option or Pause Collection annotation) in the side command toolbar, click
    Collect Survey Data
    instead. Otherwise, the Survey tool cannot analyzer your target because it executes too quickly.

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