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Survey Tool does not Display Survey Report


After you run the Survey tool, a message appears instead of the
Survey Report
. The message indicates that the specified target runs too quickly for the Survey tool to analyze or that the target does not contain debug symbol information.


After you run the
Intel® Advisor
Survey tool, if the specified target runs too quickly for the Survey tool to analyze using the sampling interval, there is insufficient data collected to provide a complete and meaningful
Survey Report
. So a message appears instead.
This message can also appear under certain conditions when the target was built without the required Debug symbol information.

Possible Solution

If the cause is that the specified target runs too quickly:
  • Modify the target to increase its workload or data set so it executes longer, rebuild, and run the Survey tool again.
  • Specify a different target that executes longer, build, and run the Survey tool again.
  • When using the
    Intel Advisor
    GUI, if you cannot increase the target's workload or the data set to increase its execution time, consider specifying the
    Project Properties
    in the
    Analysis Target
    dialog box
    fields to slightly reduce the
    Sampling interval
    for this target. However, if you reduce the sampling interval so sampling occurs too often, this can cause the sampling activity itself to be measured (noise), reducing the accuracy of the measurements. The default Sampling interval works for most targets, but can be modified for specific targets (see Advanced options in the help topic Dialog Box: Project Properties - Analysis Target).
  • Windows* OS only: If you selected the wrong Visual Studio startup project, select and build the correct startup project and run the tool again.
If you suspect that the target executable does not contain debug symbol information, please check your target's build settings and compare them with the recommended Build Settings for your language. Source- or target-related information may be missing from the Intel Advisor tools reports if the target executable does not contain debug symbol information.
For the most current information on optimal C/C++ and Fortran build settings, see Build Your Target Application.

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