User Guide


Toolbar: Intel Advisor

Use the
Intel® Advisor
toolbar to run the
Intel Advisor
perspectives and open certain panes or windows.
Use This Icon
To Do This
Run Perspective
Run a perspective and open results of the latest perspective execution.
Show My Result and Workflow
Open the Result window and Analysis Workflow pane to view the results of the latest project and run a new perspective.
Perspective Selector
Open the Perspective Selector window to switch between the available perspectives and view their short descriptions.
Project Properties
Open the Project Properties dialog box to specify the target executable, set up search directories for supporting files and source search location needed to analyze the target. Configure common project properties and analysis-specific properties.
Create a snapshot of your project results.
Create Project
Create Project
dialog box to create and set up your project.
Open Project
Open an existing project and view it in Project Navigator.
Project Navigator
Open the Project Navigator pane to manage your existing
Intel Advisor
projects or create a new one.
Open the installed Help or view the
Intel Advisor
User Guide in your web browser.

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