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Annotation Assistant Pane (No Data Message and Survey Windows)

Use this pane to view and copy annotation example code snippets and build settings. It appears near the bottom of the
Survey Report
Survey Source
windows, and also for the
No Data
The Annotation Assistant is available in the Threading Workflow only.
Use This
To Do This
The drop-down list near the right of this pane.
Select one of four topics to copy. The first three provide example annotated source code for various task code structures. The last provides build settings for the language in use. The selections are:
  • Iteration Loop, Single Task
    - View and copy an annotation code snippet for a simple loop structure, where the task's code includes the entire loop body. Use this common task structure when only a single task is needed within a parallel site.
  • Loop, One or More Tasks
    - View and copy an annotation code snippet for a loops where the task code does not include all of the loop body, or for complex loops or code that requires specific task begin-end boundaries, including multiple task end annotations. Also use this structure when multiple tasks are needed within a parallel site.
  • Function, One or More Tasks
    - View and copy an annotation code snippet for code that calls multiple functions (task parallelism). Use this structure when multiple tasks are needed within a parallel site.
  • Pause/Resume Collection
    - View and copy an annotation code snippet whose annotations temporarily pause data collection and later resume it. This lets you skip uninteresting parts of the target program's execution to minimize the data collected and speed up the analysis of large applications. Add these annotations outside a parallel site.
  • Build Settings
    - View and copy build (compiler and linker) settings. The Build Settings are specific to the language in use.
Text display area in the left part of this pane.
View the selected annotation code or build settings.
To copy the text lines to the clipboard, either right-click and select
Copy to Clipboard
from the context menu, or use the button (below).
button in the right part of this pane.
Copy the selected annotation example code or build settings to the clipboard.
Paste the annotated example code into your source code editor, perhaps using an intermediate buffer. Paste build options into your build script.
or button
Hide or show this pane.

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