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Configure Columns Dialog Box

Configure Columns Purpose and Usage

Use this dialog box to create or apply custom column layouts when displaying the results of a Survey analysis.

Configure Columns Access

To access this dialog box, first run a Survey analysis, then do one of the following:
  • In the top right of the interface, toggle on the
    Customize View
    control. A gear icon appears in the top right of both the Survey grid and the Top Down tab. Click the gear icon at the top of the grid you’d like to customize.
  • After running the FLOP analysis, click the gear icon at the top right of either the
    Compute Performance

Configure Columns Controls

  1. Choose an existing view layout in the
    drop-down list.
  2. Enable/disable columns to show/hide.
    A new view layout is added to the
    drop-down list, with
    Copy n
    added to the name of the original layout.
  3. Click the
    button and supply an appropriate name for the customized view layout.
  4. Click
    to save and apply the customized view layout.
    You can choose to display one layout in the main Survey Report grid, and choose another layout for the Top Down tab.
Hiding or showing columns in a column layout will apply your changes to any grid (the Survey Report grid or the Top Down tab) that is currently using the layout. However, you can rearrange columns in one grid without affecting another grid.

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