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Source View Pane (Survey Source Window)

Source View Pane Purpose and Usage

View user-visible source code representation of the selected site.

Source View Pane Location

Middle of Survey Source window

Source View Pane Controls

Use This
To Do This
Source lines
You can navigate to related source lines or explore your source code by using the
Call Stack with Loops
Double-click a source line
To open your code editor to the corresponding source file. The editor allows you to add annotations to your code (right-click to open the context menu). You can use the annotation assistant pane to help you copy parallel site and task annotations.
  • On Windows* OS:
    • When using Microsoft Visual Studio*, the Visual Studio code editor appears with the file open at the corresponding location.
    • When using the
      Intel Advisor
      GUI, the file type association (or
      Open With
      dialog box) determines the editor used.
  • On Linux* OS: When using the
    Intel Advisor
    GUI, the editor defined by the
    Options > Editor dialog box
    appears with the file open at the corresponding location.
To return to the
Survey Source
Survey Report
window, click the
Select multiple source lines
To view the accumulated time values for multiple source lines below the Self Time column, or enable you to copy multiple source lines using the context menu. Viewing accumulated time can help you decide how to divide the work.
Right click a source line or multiple source lines
Display a context menu to: open your code editor to the corresponding source line, copy the selected source line(s) to the clipboard, or display context-sensitive help relevant to the selected loop or function.

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