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Discovery is the process in which we will use a discovery tool to scan select systems for detailed information regarding their ability to be managed using Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). This process can involve both remote and local tools to determine the state of any particular device. Currently only Intel® vPro™ technology systems have configurable Intel AMT firmware.
There are two types of devices that are configurable: Intel vPro platform branded devices and Intel® Standard Manageability. Each generation supports new features. The discovery process needs to identify the Intel AMT device SKU as well as other configuration settings, such as provisioning statesleep state and the OS state. By providing this information beforehand a technician is able to determine what remote manageability features can be leveraged within a given Intel AMT device.
The following paragraphs cover the methods and tools that are typically used for discovery.

Discovery Methods

Discovery Process

There are at least three main tools that will perform a discovery of Intel AMT devices running Windows.
  1. Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) discovery tools: Download the Intel SCS software package
    1. systemdiscovery.exe
    2. acuconfig.exe
  2. Intel AMT Software Developers Kit (SDK) discovery tools: Download the Intel AMT SDK
    1. RMCP Ping: Provided in the SDK as both a tool and the necessary binaries for custom tool creation
  3. Custom tools made from the Intel AMT SDK—Part of the Intel AMT SDK download
    1. WMI provider: Intel.Wsman.Scripting.dll
    2. Intel® AMT High-Level API: HLAPI.dll
Depending on which tool is used and the system’s configuration state, the discovery process can be run locally or remotely.

Intel® AMT Discovery Tools

Creating Custom Discovery Tools

Key resources:
If your solution requires a more tailored approach, custom tools can be written that will provide additional flexibility and will allow full control of the operation. Your custom-built management console can combine both local and remote methods of discovery.
There are two main methods of creating your own management console:

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