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  • 2020 Update 2
  • 07/28/2020
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Filtering Capabilities

Application Performance Snapshot can handle applications with thousands of MPI ranks running in parallel. For such applications the aggregated result charts may contain thousands of lines, which makes the results nearly impossible to read.
The tool provides filtering capabilities to make the results tables shorter.
There are two independent filters in the tool, which can be applied to any table diagram:
  • Filtering by key metric
  • Filtering by number of lines
Filters do not skip one line because it is substituted with the message about the skipped lines, which also takes one line.
Filters are enabled by default, and the tool behavior is the same as with the key combination:
–V 1 –T 1 –N 5
To disable the filters entirely, use the
key, or the following key combination:
–V 0 –T 0 –N 0
For details, see the sections below:

Product and Performance Information


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