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  • 2020 Update 2
  • 07/28/2020
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Known Issues and Limitations

Below is a list of known issues and limitations related to Application Performance Snapshot:
  • The HTML summary report may be rendered incorrectly with older browser versions. For correct rendering, please update to the latest version of your browser.
  • If you view the HTML report on Windows* OS from a shared drive, use any web browser other than Internet Explorer*.
  • If you use an unsupported compiler or compiler version, the OpenMP* related metrics will be unavailable.
  • Limitations related to collection of disk usage statistics:
    • To collect the statistics, Application Performance Snapshot uses data provided by the OS. Wait time or idle time caused by waiting data from the I/O subsystem is measured with relatively low precision. This is why for short tasks I/O wait time may equal zero, even in case the I/O subsystem is actively used.
    • During a process run, if the system reassigns it to a different CPU core, the data read/written and I/O wait time will equal zero.
  • Limitations related to MPI support:
    • The
      mode is not supported.
    • Application Performance Snapshot is incompatible with the Intel® Trace Collector. Avoid analyzing MPI applications with both tools simultaneously.
    • Application Performance Snapshot does not fully support neighborhood collective communications. It registers only their execution times, without information about data transmitted and its direction.
    • Disk Usage
      Memory Footprint
      metrics are not available for
      region statistics.

Product and Performance Information


Intel's compilers may or may not optimize to the same degree for non-Intel microprocessors for optimizations that are not unique to Intel microprocessors. These optimizations include SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3 instruction sets and other optimizations. Intel does not guarantee the availability, functionality, or effectiveness of any optimization on microprocessors not manufactured by Intel. Microprocessor-dependent optimizations in this product are intended for use with Intel microprocessors. Certain optimizations not specific to Intel microarchitecture are reserved for Intel microprocessors. Please refer to the applicable product User and Reference Guides for more information regarding the specific instruction sets covered by this notice.

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