Developer Guide and Reference


Microsoft Compatibility

The Intel® C++ Compiler is fully source- and binary-compatible (native code only) with Microsoft* Visual C++*. You can debug binaries built with the Intel® C++ Compiler from within the Microsoft* Visual Studio* environment.
The Intel® C++ Compiler supports security checks with the /GS option. You can control this option in the Microsoft* Visual Studio* IDE by using
Code Generation
Buffer Security Check
The Intel® C++ Compiler also includes support for safe exception handling features with the /Qsafeseh option for 32-bit binaries. This option is on by default. You can control this option in the Microsoft* Visual Studio* IDE by using
Command Line
Additional options
The Intel® C++ Compiler is a hosted compiler, not a standalone compiler. The compiler requires that standard development tools for the host operating system (linker, librarian, and so forth), as well as standard libraries and headers, be installed and available in your Path, Library Path, and Include environment variables. The host compiler provides access to I/O facilities through, for example,
and the C runtime library, as well as providing the implementation for the C++ standard template (for example,
). When you build your application with the Intel® C++ Compiler, the
file is found in the host compiler's library. Likewise when you link your application, the link step uses the host OS linker to bind the application, and the host C runtime library provides the implementation for the runtime support routines.
On Windows, the standard compiler is Microsoft* Visual C++*. On Linux the standard compiler is GCC. The standard compiler must be installed and available in your environment before you run the Intel® C++ Compiler.

Microsoft* Visual Studio* Integration

The Intel® C++ Compiler is compatible with Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2017 and 2019 projects.
The Intel® C++ Compiler only supports native C++ project types provided by Microsoft* Visual Studio* development environment. The project types with .NET attributes such as the ones below, cannot be converted to an Intel® C++ project:
  • Empty Project (.NET)
  • Class Library (.NET)
  • Console Application (.NET)
  • Windows Control Library (.NET)
  • Windows Forms Application (.NET)
  • Windows Service (.NET)

Unsupported Major Features