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qopt-streaming-stores, Qopt-streaming-stores

Enables generation of streaming stores for optimization.


Linux and macOS:
Specifies whether streaming stores are generated. Possible values are:
Enables generation of streaming stores for optimization. The compiler optimizes under the assumption that the application is memory bound.
When this option setting is specified, it is your responsibility to also insert any fences as required to ensure correct memory ordering within a thread or across threads. One typical way to do this is to insert a _mm_sfence() intrinsic call just after the loops (such as the initialization loop) where the compiler may insert streaming store instructions.
Disables generation of streaming stores for optimization. Normal stores are performed.
Lets the compiler decide which instructions to use.
The compiler decides whether to use streaming stores or normal stores.
This option enables generation of streaming stores for optimization. This method stores data with instructions that use a non-temporal buffer, which minimizes memory hierarchy pollution.
This option may be useful for applications that can benefit from streaming stores.
Alternate Options
The following example shows a way to insert fences when specifying
void simple1(double * restrict a, double * restrict b, double * restrict c, double *d, int n) { int i, j; #pragma omp parallel for for (j=0; j<n; j++) { a[j] = 1.0; b[j] = 2.0; c[j] = 0.0; } _mm_sfence(); // OR _mm_mfence(); #pragma omp parallel for for (i=0; i<n; i++) a[i] = a[i] + c[i]*b[i]; }

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