Developer Guide and Reference


What Appears in the Compiler Option Descriptions

This section contains details about what appears in the option descriptions.
Following sections include individual descriptions of all the current compiler options. The option descriptions are arranged by functional category. Within each category, the option names are listed in alphabetical order.
Each option description contains the following information:
  • The primary name for the option and a short description of the option.
  • Architecture Restrictions
    This section only appears if there is a known architecture restriction for the option.
    Restrictions may appear for any of the following architectures:
    • IA-32 architecture
    • Intel® 64 architecture
    Certain operating systems are not available on all the above architectures. For the latest information, please check your Release Notes.
  • Syntax
    This shows the syntax on Linux*
    systems and the syntax on Windows* systems. If the option has no syntax on one of these systems, that is, the option is not valid on a particular operating system, it will specify "None".
  • Arguments
    This shows any arguments (parameters) that are related to the option. If the option has no arguments, it will specify "None".
  • Default
    This shows the default setting for the option.
  • Description
    This shows the full description of the option. It may also include further information on any applicable arguments.
  • IDE Equivalent
    This shows information related to the integrated development environment (IDE) Property Pages on Linux*
    and Windows* systems. It shows on which Property Page the option appears, and under what category it's listed. The Windows* IDE is Microsoft* Visual Studio* .NET
    ; the Linux* IDE is Eclipse*; the
    IDE is Xcode*
    . If the option has no IDE equivalent, it will specify "None".
  • Alternate Options
    This lists any options that are synonyms for the described option. If there are no alternate option names, it will show "None".
    Some of the alternate option names are deprecated and may be removed in future releases.
    Many options have an older spelling where underscores ("_") instead of hyphens ("-") connect the main option name