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Overview: Intrinsics for Short Vector Math Library (SVML) Functions

The Intel® C++ Compiler provides short vector math library (SVML) intrinsics to compute vector math functions. These intrinsics are available for IA-32 and Intel® 64 architectures running on supported operating systems. The prototypes for the SVML intrinsics are available in the
To use these intrinsics, include the
file as follows:
#include <immintrin.h>
The SVML intrinsics do not have any corresponding instructions.
The SVML intrinsics are vector variants of corresponding scalar math operations using
, and
data types. They take packed vector arguments, perform the operation on each element of the packed vector argument, and return a packed vector result.
For example, the argument to the
intrinsic is a packed 128-bit vector of four 32-bit precision floating point numbers. The intrinsic computes the sine of each of these four numbers and returns the four results in a packed 128-bit vector.
Using SVML intrinsics is faster than repeatedly calling the scalar math functions. However, the intrinsics differ from the scalar functions in accuracy.
Many routines in the
library are more optimized for Intel® microprocessors than for non-Intel microprocessors.
For information about 512-bit trigonometric intrinsics for SVML, see Intrinsics for Trigonometric Operations (512-bit) .