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Redistributing Libraries When Deploying Applications

When you deploy your application to systems on which the Intel®
Compiler is not installed, you need to redistribute certain Intel® libraries to which your application is linked. You can do so in one of the following ways:
  • Statically link your application.
    An application built with statically-linked libraries eliminates the need to distribute runtime libraries with the application executable. By linking the application to the static libraries, you are not dependent on the Intel® Fortran or Intel® C/C++ dynamic shared libraries.
  • Dynamically link your application.
    If you must build your application with dynamically linked (or shared) compiler libraries, you should address the following concerns:
    • You must build your application with shared or dynamic libraries that are redistributable.
    • Pay careful attention to the directory where the redistributables are installed and how the OS finds them.
    • You should determine which shared or dynamic libraries your application needs.
See the Intel® Developer Zone articles at (search for "redistributable libraries") for:
  • the redistributable library installation package
  • everything you need to know to redistribute these libraries
The redistributable library installation package is available at:

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