Developer Guide and Reference


Setting Options for a Project or File

The following topic applies to Eclipse* for C/C++.
You can specify compiler, linker, and archiver options at the project and source file level. Follow these steps to set options for a project or file:
  1. Right-click a project or source file in the
    Project Explorer
  2. Select
    . The property pages dialog box opens.
  3. Select
    C/C++ Build
  4. Select the
    Tool Settings
    tab and click an option category for
    Intel C Compiler
    Intel C++ Compiler
    , or
    Intel C++ Linker
  5. Set the options to apply to the project or file.
    • Some properties use check boxes, drop-down boxes, or dialog boxes to specify compiler options. For a description on options properties, hover over the option to display a tooltip. After setting the desired options in command line syntax, select
      and then
    • To specify an option that is not available from the
      dialog, use the
      Command Line
      category. Enter the command line options in the
      Additional Options
      field using command line syntax. Click
      to add an argument to the list. Enter a valid argument for the option, then click
    • You can specify option settings for one or more configurations by using the
      drop-down menu.
  6. Click
The compiler applies the selected options, using the selected configurations, when building.
To restore default settings to
properties for the selected configuration, click the
Restore Defaults
button on any property page.