Developer Guide and Reference


Code Coverage dialog box

To access the
Code Coverage
dialog box, select
Intel Compiler
Code Coverage...
Use the
Code Coverage
dialog box to set the code coverage feature.
Phase 1 - Instrument:
Select this checkbox to compile your code into an instrumented application.
Select the
Instrument with guards for threaded application
checkbox to produce an instrumented object file that includes the collection of PGO data on applications that use a high level of parallelism.
The compiler option used is shown in
Compiler Options
Deselect the
Phase 1 - Instrument
checkbox to skip this phase.
Phase 2 - Run Instrumented Application(s):
Select this checkbox to run your instrumented application as well as other applications.
You can specify the options to run with the applications by choosing the
Application Invocations...
button to access the
Applications Invocations
dialog box.
Deselect the
Phase 2 - Run Instrumented Application(s)
checkbox to skip this phase.
Phase 3 - Generate Report:
Select this checkbox to generate a report with the results of running the instrumented application.
Choose the
button to access the Code Coverage Settings dialog box to configure the settings.
Profile Directory:
Where the profile is stored.
Button to browse for the profile directory.
Show this dialog next time:
Choose this button to access the dialog box when you run profile guided optimization.
Save Settings:
Choose this button to save your settings.
Choose this button to start the profile guided optimization.
Choose this button to close this dialog box without starting the profile guided optimization.