Developer Guide and Reference


Configure Analysis dialog box

Use the
Configure Analysis
dialog box to specify settings for Guided Auto Parallelism (GAP) analysis and run the analysis.
To access this dialog box, click
Intel Compiler
Guided Auto Parallelism
Run Analysis...

Configure Analysis Options

Level of Analysis:
Specify the desired level of analysis. Choose
, or
Suppress Compiler Warnings:
Check this box to suppress compiler warnings. This adds the option
to the compiler command line.
Suppress remark IDs:
Specify one or more remark IDs to suppress. Use a comma to separate IDs.
Send remarks to a file:
Check this box to send GAP remarks to a specified text file.
Remarks file:
Specify the filename where GAP remarks will be sent.
Save these settings as the default (in Tools -> Options for Guided Auto Parallelism):
Check this box to save the specified settings as the default settings.
Show all GAP configuration and informational dialogs:
Check this box to display this dialog box next time.
When you are done specifying settings, click
Run Analysis