Developer Guide and Reference


Optimization Reports: Viewing

When the compiler generates optimization diagnostics, the
Compiler Optimization Report
and the
Compiler Inline Report
windows open, and optimization report annotations appear in the editor.

Compiler Optimization Report window

Compiler Optimization Report
window displays diagnostics for the following phases of the optimization report:
  • PGO
  • LOOP
  • PAR
  • VEC
  • Offload (Linux* only)
  • OpenMP
  • CG
Information appears in this window grouped by loops, or in a flat format. To switch the presentation format, click the gear button on the toolbar of the window, and uncheck
Group by loops
In addition to sorting information by clicking column headers and resizing columns, you can use the windows described in the following table:
Do This
To Do This
Double-click a diagnostic.
Jump to the corresponding position in the editor.
Click a link in the
Inlined into
Jump to the call site of the function where the loop is inlined.
Expand or collapse a diagnostic in
Group by loops
View detailed information for the diagnostic.
Click on a column header.
Sort the information according to that column.
Click the filter button.
Select a scope by which to filter the diagnostics that appear in the win