Developer Guide and Reference


Selecting the Intel® Compiler

The following topic applies to Xcode*.
To select the Intel®
  1. Select the target you want to change and click
    Build Rules
  2. Add a new rule by clicking
    Add Build Rule
    or pressing the
  3. Under
    , choose
    C source files
    C++ source files
    , depending on your source files
  4. Under
    , select one of the options for the
    ICC Intel® C++
    • Major_Version
      , such as
      : The most recently installed compiler, even if it is not the latest release.
    • Latest Release
      : The latest released compiler available on your system. This is useful when you have multiple installations of the Intel compiler and want to use the version most recently released by Intel.
    • Major_Version
      : A specific package, such as This is useful when you have multiple packages of one major version installed.
    If the Intel® Compiler does not show up in the drop-down list, it may mean that the compiler does not support your version of Xcode*. To enable the Intel® Compiler in Xcode* specify the Xcode path during installation and restart the program. The installer checks for the supported Xcode* version and warns you in the case of an unsupported version.
If you select a tool that does not support the source file type, that source file type is processed by a later rule that specifies that type. For example, even though Objective-C/C++ sources are derived from C sources, they are built by the Intel® C++ Compilers.