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Getting Help and Support


Documentation is available from within the version of Microsoft Visual Studio*. You must install the documentation on your local system. To use the feature, visit the Download Documentation: Intel® Compiler (Current and Previous) page and follow the instructions provided there. From the
menu, choose
Intel Compilers and Libraries
to view the installed user and reference documentation.


On Linux
, the documentation has limited integration in the Eclipse*/CDT
and Xcode*
. In both cases, the integrated documentation only provides details about where to find the product documentation on your local system.

Intel® Software Documentation

You can find product documentation for many released products at:

Product Website and Support

To find product information, register your product, or contact Intel, visit:
At this site, you will find comprehensive product information, including:
  • Links to Get Started, Documentation, Individual Support, and Registration
  • Links to information such as white papers, articles, and user forums
  • Links to product information
  • Links to news and events

Online Service Center

Each purchase of an Intel® Software Development Product includes a year of support services, which includes priority customer support at our Online Service Center.
For more information about the Online Service Center visit:
To access support, you must register your product at the Intel® Registration Center:

Release Notes

For detailed information on system requireme