Developer Guide and Reference


Enabling Auto-parallelization

To enable the auto-parallelizer, use the
option. This option detects parallel loops capable of being executed safely in parallel, and automatically generates multi-threaded code for these loops.
You may need to set the
environment variable to an appropriately large size to enable parallelization with this option.
Using this option enables parallelization for both Intel® microprocessors and non-Intel microprocessors. The resulting executable may get additional performance gain on Intel® microprocessors than on non-Intel microprocessors.
The parallelization can also be affected by certain options, such as
), or
An example of the command using auto-parallelization is as follows:
Commanding auto-parallelization in Linux*
icc -c -parallel prog.cpp
Commanding auto-parallelization in Windows*
icl /c /Qparallel prog.cpp
Commanding auto-parallelization in