Developer Guide and Reference


Finding and Reporting Out-of-Bounds Errors

The pointer checker is not supported on
The pointer checker includes the
library function and the
enumeration to allow you to control how errors are reported.
The function and enumeration are declared in the header file
The report control enumeration has one of the following values:
Enum Value
Do nothing.
Execute a breakpoint interrupt. If you specify this value, the pointer checker will issue a breakpoint for any out-of-bounds error that it finds. If you are using a debugger, the breakpoint will trap into the debugger so that you can determine where the error occurred. You can then use the features of the debugger to determine the cause of the error.
Log the error and continue; the compiler will report each out-of-bounds pointer it finds.
Log the error and exit the program; the compiler will only report the first bounds violation and then terminate.