Developer Guide and Reference


Profmerge and Proforder Tools

Profmerge Tool

Use the profmerge tool to merge dynamic profile information (
) files and any specified summary files (
). The compiler executes profmerge automatically during the feedback compilation phase when you specify the
The command-line usage for profmerge is as follows:
profmerge [-prof_dir dir_name]
The tool merges all
files in the current directory, or the directory specified by
, and produces a summary file:
The spelling of tools options may differ slightly from compiler options. Tools options use an underscore (for example -prof_dir) instead of the hyphen used by compiler options (for example
) to join words. Also, on Windows* systems, the tool options are preceded by a hyphen ("-") unlike Windows* compiler options, which are preceded by a forward slash ("/").
You can use profmerge tool to merge .dyn files into a
file without recompiling the application. You can run the instrumented executable file on multiple systems to generate
files, and optionally use profmerge with the
option to name each summary
file created from the multiple
Because the profmerge tool merges all the
files that exist in the given directory, confirm that unrelated
files are not present; otherwise, profile information will be based on invalid profile data, which can negatively impact the performance of optimized code.
Profmerge Options
The profmerge tool supports the following options:
Tool Option