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  • 10/27/2020
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Inter-Applet Communication (IAC)

The Intel® DAL Inter-Applet Communication (IAC) feature allows a service trusted application (TA) to provide certain platform services (e.g., Secure Display) to other client TAs via internal sessions.
This IAC feature has the following attributes:
  • Reliable and synchronous communication. The client TA will wait for the IAC result and then continue.
  • The service TA supports multiple internal sessions from multiple client applets.
  • The service TA knows the client TA’s UUID and can decide how to continue its flow accordingly.
  • The service TA must run before client TAs attempt to to open internal sessions to it. If an internal session is opened while the service TA is not running, the system returns an error.
  • Internal sessions must be closed before trying to stop the service TA from running; first close the session between the client and the service TA.
  • The service TA should specify in the manifest the number of sessions that can be opened to it.
  • Each client TA should specify in the manifest the UUIDs of the service applets to which it can open sessions.
See the IAC sample for more details.
Supported from API level 7

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