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  • 10/27/2020
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Converting an Existing Project

If you have an existing trusted application that you want to convert to a DAL trusted application, perform the following steps:
  1. Import the existing project to your current workspace.
  2. Open the existing project within Eclipse*.
  3. Select the project Properties (Press Alt-Enter or right-click>
    ) DAL project properties U I
  4. On the Properties pane, select 
    DAL Project Properties
  5. Click 
    Convert to Intel DAL project
  6. Enter the appropriate project details and click 
  7. Click 
    . Eclipse displays a notice or warning saying that the manifest file will be either generated or replaced (depending on whether one previously existed). Click 
  8. Eclipse converts the project to an Intel DAL Project.
The conversion process adds 
 for projects on earlier platforms) to the Referenced Libraries. If there was already one in the project, you will need to determine which one to remove. If the previously existing one was also from the
directory, this will be done automatically.

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