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  • 10/27/2020
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Generic Android* Host Application

 This application is not included in the first public release of the Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) SDK. It will be provided in a future release.
The SDK provides a Generic Android* Host Application, which implements the same flow as the Windows* version, and samples for Android host application development.  To use them, you must have a platform with a supporting firmware image plus Android OS with Intel® DAL support installed.
  • Generic Host Application
    is an .apk file, located in the SDK Android folder, which must be installed manually in the Intel DAL target platform using Android Debug Bridge* (ADB*) or any other connectivity tool.
  • Host Application Sample
      is located in the SDK Android folder.  The executable .apk file is located under the Bin folder and the source is in the Src folder.  The TA location and ID is defined in the code and can be modified to match your TA, compiled, installed and run.
  • Native Host Sample
      is located in the SDK Android folder.  The executable .o file is located under the Bin folder.   This sample includes an .o file and the source.  This sample uses the internal JHI APIs and runs over the C libraries layer.  This code must be compiled within the full Android tree using the make file located in the Src folder.  This sample attempts to load a default TA named echo.dalp and located under /system/bin.  You can find this dalp under the Bin folder and copy it to /system/bin to run this sample. This executable can be run using ADB or any other connectivity tool.

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