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  • 12/10/2019
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Creating cloud projects

Intel® System Studio
provides sample projects for connecting to cloud services providers, including:
  • Microsoft Azure*
  • Amazon Web Services*
  • Google Cloud IoT Core*
  • IBM* Bluemix

Viewing supported cloud providers and sample projects

  1. Choose
    Show View
    . Expand the
    category, then select
    Cloud Support
    and click
    . The Cloud Support tab displays.
  2. To view documentation for a cloud services provider, select the provider's name and click
  3. Expand the name of a cloud services provider to view example projects for the provider. You can select a sample to view a description of the project. To view the readme for a sample, click

Creating a cloud project based on an example

  1. In the Cloud Support tab, expand the name of a cloud services provider to view example projects for the provider.
  2. Click an example project. In the pane to the right, click
    Create a New Project with this Example
  3. The Create a New Project Based on an Example dialog box displays. Click
  4. Continue through the project creation wizard. When prompted, provide any endpoint, certificate, or other provider-specific information required to connect your project to the cloud.
  5. Click
    to finish creating your project.

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