• 2021.2
  • 06/30/2021
  • Public Content

Release Notes

EI for AMR

Fast Mapping Algorithm
  • Added support for ROS2.
Wandering AI Algorithm
  • This is the initial release for the RealSense AI Wandering ROS2 sample application, which is used to demonstrate obstacle avoidance.
AMR Containers
  • The Edge Insights for Autonomous Mobile Robots (EI for AMR) modules are deployed in a containerized structure with three containers:
    • AMR ROS2 FOXY Container that includes the ROS2 middleware and tools, Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2.0 and ROS2 wrapper, GStreamer* and build tools, ROS2 packages (Cartographer, Navigation, RTAB_MAP) and the Fast Mapping app (Intel optimized version of OctoMap).
    • AMR
      Container that includes the
      Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
      , the
      toolkit DL GStreamer plugins, and the Wandering demonstration application.
    • AMR Full Flavour Container that includes the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit, the DPC++ compatibility tool and profiler, and analyzer tools.
  • This is the initial release of
    EI for AMR
    Containers. See Get Started Guide for additional details.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • To compile applications from the container running on the 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor (formerly Tiger Lake Platform), please ensure that you
    do not
    compiler option with GCC. This issue will be fixed in a future
    EI for AMR
Fast Mapping Algorithm
  • Fast Mapping compilation with gcc from the container running on the 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor requires this additional cast in supereight.patch, function void release_all(bool reset_reserved_elements) line 1148:
    -std::memcpy(pages_[p], pages_[0], pagesize_ * sizeof(BlockType)); +std::memcpy((void*)*pages_[p], *(void*)pages_[0], pagesize_ * sizeof(BlockType));
  • FastMapping problems getting Pose from /tf (for example with RTAB_MAP):
    Add a
    return -1
    statement in the
    catch block of
    int FastMappingNode::tryGetPoseFromTf(rclcpp::Time target_time, std::string target_frame, geometry_msgs::msg::PoseStamped &pose) { ... catch (tf2::TransformException &e) { ... return -1; } }
Wandering AI Application
  • The object detection node of the Wandering application cannot load
    models with a path that contains a
    (dot) in it, for example:
  • RTABMAP is not best suited for indoor navigation, therefore it might happen that some obstacles are not detected with the highest accuracy, due to reflections, etc.
  • The object detection node does not filter visualized objects on ROS /camera/detected_objects Topic. This results as the same object reported multiple times.

Release Content

Subproject (component)
AMR Containers
Fast Mapping
Wandering AI Application

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