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  • 2.6
  • 09/10/2021
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Release Notes

Edgesoftware CLI Features:
Initial Features for Recommended Configuration
  • Installs Docker CE*
  • Installs Docker Compose*
  • Installs all the prerequisites and dependencies for
    Edge Insights for Industrial
  • Installs and sets up the Edge Insights for Industrial.
  • Provisions Edge Insights for Industrial based on user input 1) Production or 2) Developer mode.
  • Supports below use cases:
    • Video Analytics + Time Series
    • Video Analytics
    • Time Series
  • Brings up all container images as per the use case selected during Edge Insights for Industrial installation.
  • Downloads Manageability module, which can be installed manually with TPM and non-TPM capability.
  • Downloads Intel® Training and Learning Suite (TLS) server and TLSRemoteAgent service, which needs to be installed manually and configured respectively.
  • Custom flow enabled to allow users to select/deselect different modules as per their choice.
Edge Insights for Industrial
(EII) 2.6 Features:
  • Ansible* playbooks for EII installation, provisioning, and cluster set up (single & multi nodes).
    • Enable setup of single/multi-nodes deployment
    • Multi-nodes deployment can be done with single command
  • Helm charts for Kubernetes* (K8S*) deployment
    • Deploy containers to Kubernetes cluster using Helm charts
  • Support for Jupyter Notebooks* for developing User Defined Functions (UDFs)
    • UDF development in Python* can be done using Jupyter Notebook
  • Enabling Intel® RealSense™ camera support
    • VI support ingestion from Intel® RealSense™ camera
    • Generate point cloud data
  • Pre-built containers distribution
  • EII video pipeline multi-stream synchronous processing support
  • Ubuntu* 20.04 Host OS and Docker* base image support
  • C API layer support for EII Configuration Manager
  • Timeseries Message Bus connections
    • EII Messagebus output plugin for Telegraf*
    • EII Messagebus input and output nodes for Kapacitor*
For more details, refer to the
Edge Insights for Industrial
release notes and user guide available at:

Known Issues

  1. Encoding cannot be enabled with native PCL udf.
  2. NativePCLIngestion CustomUDF throws warnings while processing rs2 depth frames.

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