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  • 2.4.1
  • 04/09/2021
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Release Notes

New in this Release

Edgesoftware CLI Features:
Initial Features for Recommended Configuration
  • Installs Docker CE*
  • Installs Docker Compose*
  • Installs all the prerequisites and dependencies for the Edge Insights for Industrial.
  • Installs and sets up the Edge Insights for Industrial.
  • Provisions Edge Insights for Industrial based on user input 1) Production or 2) Developer mode.
  • Supports below use cases:
    • Video Analytics + Time Series
    • Video Analytics
    • Time Series
  • Brings up all container images as per the use case selected during Edge Insights for Industrial installation.
  • Downloads Turtle Creek module, which can be installed manually with TPM and non-TPM capability.
  • Downloads Intel® Training and Learning Suite (TLS) server and TLSRemoteAgent service, which needs to be installed manually and configured respectively.
  • Custom flow enabled to allow users to select/deselect different modules as per their choice.
EII 2.4.1 Release Fixes:
  • Fixed EII build issue in PRC open network due to gRPC libraries.
  • Removed Discovery Creek and CSL orchestrator components.
  • Fixed multiple subscription issue in Web Visualizer.
  • Integrated latest
    2021.3 release with Vaapi fix.
For more details, refer to the Edge Insights for Industrial Release Notes and user guide available at:
EII 2.4 Features:
  • UX/DX Improvements
    • Enable Volume mount for UDFs. 
    • eis_builder to auto-create multi instance boilerplate configurations  .
    • Small Analytics size. 
    • Pylon viewer export settings. 
    • Option to Disable Bounding box in Both Visualizer. 
  • Benchmarking Code Release in EII 
    • Release Video Ingest Benchmarking.  
    • Release Time series Ingest Benchmarking.  
  • Revamp Configuration APIs for EII 
    • Revamp Config Manager API. 
    • Implement C ETCD Config library. 
  • Time series improvements   
    • Enable Multiple Telegraf instances. 
    • Enable multiple UDF support with Kapacitor. 
    • Enable Random forest Algo. 
    • Implement EIS_MessageBus (ZMQ) plugin for Telegraf.
  • Video use case improvements   
    • Support more popular GigE camera in VI. 
    • Add snapshot feature for SW trigger (feed in just one frame). 
  • EII Message Bus Improvements   
    • Enable XPUB-XSUB messaging pattern of EISMessageBus. 
    • Dynamic loading of protocol plugins. 
  • Kubernetes orchestrator enablement
    • Single node deployment.
    • Multi-node deployment.

Known Issues

  • If you experience
    service build failure, follow the steps below:
    • cd Edge_Insights_for_Industrial_<version>/IEdgeInsights/build/
      indicates the downloaded version of
      Edge Insights for Industrial
    • RUN:
      sudo sg docker -c 'docker-compose down --remove-orphans'
    • RUN:
      sudo sg docker -c ‘docker-compose build -–no-cache ia_etcd_ui’
    • RERUN:
      ./edgesoftware install
    • If you try the above steps and the build is failing due to
      go: error loading module requirements
      error, re-try the ./edgesoftware install sometime later.

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