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How it Works

Edge Insights for Vision
is a set of pre-validated modules, implemented as a containerized architecture or a stand-alone runtime, for deploying computer vision and deep learning workloads at the edge. The package features third-party modules for orchestration and cloud support, and the for computer vision and deep learning apps optimized for Intel® architecture.
This section provides an overview of the modules and services featured with
Edge Insights for Vision

Modules and Services

Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
Edge Insights for Vision
includes the so you can develop and optimize AI and computer vision applications.
maximizes performance and extends workloads across Intel hardware, including accelerators.
Edge Insights for Vision
offers the following
versions to optimize inferencing on your edge IoT device:
  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
    2021.4 in a Container builds Docker* images for the
  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
    2021.4 Runtime installs the toolkit runtime packages distributed through the APT repository. It does not run in a container.
Container Engines and Orchestration
Edge Insights for Vision
features and for automated container management.
  • is a container framework widely used in enterprise environments. It allows applications and their dependencies to be packaged together and run as a self-contained unit.
  • Rancher k3s*
    is a lightweight distribution that provides automated container management for IoT and edge computing.
    It is observed that Rancher k3s features may not work for PRC users.
Cloud Edge Connectors
Edge Insights for Vision
features and to connect edge devices with the cloud and each other.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)* Greengrass Prerequisites
AWS* Greengrass Prerequisites
installs the following packages to enable local data collection, analysis, and communication for your AWS-connected edge devices:
  • AWS* IoT Greengrass Core
  • AWS* IoT Device SDK
  • AWS* IoT Greengrass SDK
Microsoft* Azure IoT Edge Prerequisites
installs the
Azure IoT Edge*
Runtime and Client components to enable local data collection, analysis, and communication for your
Azure IoT Edge*
connected edge devices.
Azure Documentation
Once you have installed Edge Insights for Vision, find information on how to Connect to Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Central.
You will also receive a pdf version of the following documentation within the downloaded zip file:
Intel Tools
  • Runtime lets you inference using deep learning models that are written in frameworks not directly supported by
    is an open format that is built to represent machine learning models.
  • Intel® Edge Software Configurator is a software tool that enables you to configure and optimize* Edge Software Hub Packages and custom applications, creating and managing Containers and Virtual Machines for edge computing with the same flexibility you would have in cloud computing operations.

Product and Performance Information


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