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  • 03/26/2021
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Run a Sample with Intel® Open Image Denoise

This tutorial demonstrates how to run the pre-built sample application. The sample application in this tutorial uses Intel® Open Image Denoise library to enhance image quality.

Run a Pre-Built Sample

sample does not require a graphical user interface (GUI). You can run it in the Intel® DevCloud terminal-only interface. See the job submission guidance to put the execution command in a job script or use the piping interface to queue the job on Intel® DevCloud.
On the Ubuntu* OS, you can run the following command to install the ImageMagick tools:
apt install imagemagick
Run the Sample Application
  1. Download the input files:
    If you want to run the sample in the Intel® DevCloud, transfer the input images to the Intel® DevCloud to use with the
  2. Open a new terminal window.
  3. Go to a writable directory and create a directory to stage input images and save the results to. For example, create the
    folder under the
    home directory
    cd ~
    mkdir rk_gsg
    cd rk_gsg
  4. Set environment variables:
    source <install-dir>/
    The script sets variables for Intel® Embree,
    , and
    Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks
    ) libraries
  5. While in the writable stage directory, copy the downloaded input files there:
    cp <path-to-image>/mazda_64spp_input.jpg .
    cp <path-to-image>/mazda_firsthit_512spp_albedo.jpg .
  6. Convert the input files to the little-endian PFM format:
    convert mazda_64spp_input.jpg -endian LSB -resize 1280x720 PFM:noisy_input.pfm
    convert mazda_firsthit_512spp_albedo.jpg -endian LSB -resize 1280x720 PFM:albedo.pfm
  7. Review the converted input images with the PFM image viewer. To open the
    (converted from
    ) with the
    display noisy_input.pfm
    Observe noise artifacts in the dark area underneath the vehicle on the image.
  8. Run the pre-built
    application to denoise the converted image:
    <install-dir>/oidn/latest/bin/oidnDenoise -ldr noisy_input.pfm -alb albedo.pfm -o denoised_output.pfm
    If the program executes successfully, you should see the
    result image in the working directory.
  9. Open the resulting image:
    display denoised_output.pfm
    If you ran the sample in the Intel® DevCloud, transfer the resulting images to your local system with the
    tool to view them.
    You will see that the noise artifacts in the dark area underneath the vehicle are reduced.

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