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Run a Sample Project with Eclipse*

Follow instructions below to use System Trace component of Intel® System Debugger to import and decode trace capture. You can find more samples at
but all of them except this one require a real target system connected to your host.

Decode Trace Capture File

Follow instructions below to use Intel® System Debugger - System Trace to decode and analyze trace data. Use an example file located at
. The file contains trace data captured with the 10th Generation Intel® Core Processor and the Intel® Direct Connect Interface (Intel® DCI) USB debug class connection method. You do not need a real target system connected to your host to use this sample.
  1. Launch the Intel® System Debugger from the Windows* Start menu. A window will pop-up asking you to choose a workspace.
  2. Press Ctrl+3 to open the Eclipse* Quick Access control and type
    system trace
    . Select the System Trace perspective.
  3. In the opened wizard, select
    Set up project
  4. Enter a project name
  5. Choose
    Manually select target
    . Select "Generic 10th Gen Intel® Core Processor (Comet Lake)" and click
    This stage does not require establishing a real connection. However, you need to specify what target and what connection method has been used for capturing trace. System Trace uses this information to decode the trace capture file correctly.
  6. Select the
    Intel® SVT DbC USB Debug Cable
    as a connection method and click
  7. Since this example covers decoding a prepared file (but not capturing trace from a real target), uncheck the boxes
    Configure provider
    Connect to target on finish
    . Click
  8. Specify a trace configuration name.
  9. Import Trace Capture.
    In the wizard is already closed, navigate to the Project Explorer, expand the
    node, and click
    Import Trace Capture
  10. Click
    and navigate to the example file at
  11. In the Project Explorer, right-click the imported capture file and select
    Decode as
  12. From the Use Case drop-down list, select
    CMP General decode
    and click OK.
opens showing the decoded trace. For instructions on how to analyze trace, see the Intel® System Debugger - System Trace chapter located at

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