• 01/27/2020
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Pixel Back-End - Color Write and Post-Pixel Shader (PS) Operations (PBE)

Metric Name
GPU / 3D Pipe: Slice <N> PS Output Available
Percentage of time that color data is ready from pixel shading to be processed by the pixel back-end for slice ‘N’.
GPU / 3D Pipe: Slice <N> Pixel Values Ready
Percentage of time that pixel data is ready in the pixel back-end (following post-PS operations) for color write.
There are two stages in the pixel back-end (PBE): post-pixel shader (PS) operations and color write. Post-PS operations occur after the color data is ready from pixel shading to the back-end, and can include blending, late depth/stencil, and so on. Following post-PS operations, the final color data is ready for write-out to the render target.
If the
GPU / 3D Pipe: Slice <N> PS Output Available
is greater than 80 percent, the pixel back-end is probably the primary hotspot, either in post-PS operations or color write. To check, compare Output Available with Pixel Values Ready. If Output Available is >10 percent more than Pixel Values Ready, the post-PS operations are the primary hotspot. Otherwise the primary hotspot is color write.
If there’s a post-PS hotspot, adjust the algorithm or optimize the post-PS operations. To improve color write, improve the locality of writes (that is, geometry ordering, and so on) by using other render target formats, dimensions, and optimizations.

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