• Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R4
  • 12/20/2019
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Choosing Local and Network Usage Modes

With Intel® GPA, you can choose between local and remote (network) analysis of your game:
  • In the local mode, your target application and Intel® GPA tools run on the same system.
  • In the network mode, the target application runs on a remote system. The performance metrics are tracked on the system where the application runs, while the analysis system collects and displays the received data.
Choose the local mode in the following cases:
  • System analysis with System Analyzer HUD. This lightweight tool does not have significant performance impact.
  • Frame analysis on high-performance systems.
Choose the network mode in the following cases:
  • System Analysis with the System Analyzer for profiling heavy lift workloads.
  • Frame analysis for heavy lift workloads.
  • If the target system hibernates, the connection to the Graphics Monitor is aborted.
  • If the target system goes to the power saving mode or the screen saver starts, you can get incorrect data. To get accurate measurements, restart the Graphics Monitor and the Graphics Frame Analyzer/Trace Analyzer.

To start the analysis in the local mode:


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