• Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R4
  • 12/20/2019
  • Public Content

Launching an Application through GPA Monitor


Before launching your application for analysis:
  • Launch GPA Monitor on your macOS* target system. The GPA Monitor icon
     appears in the toolbar.

To run your application manually with System Analyzer HUD enabled:

  1. Click the GPA Monitor icon in the taskbar notification area and select
    Graphics Monitor
    . The
    Graphics Monitor
    window appears.
  2. In the
    Graphics Monitor
    window, select the application for analysis:
    • Select the
      tab in the window.
    • In the
      Command Line
      field, browse to your application by selecting or enter the full application path. You can also enter any command-line options required to run your application.
    • If you already analyzed your application with Intel GPA, you can select the application from the list of recently run applications.
  3. (Optional) In the
    Working Folder
    field (the second input field), type the directory in which the application should run. This is useful for games that use a launcher or mission packs located in a different directory than the game files.
  4.  (Optional) Use the drop-down menu to select a way in which to run your application. Selecting the Launcher type, will allow you to run a launcher dependent application. Selecting the
    Save Stream
    type will capture a stream file. For instance, to launch a Metal application through Steam* and save a stream file, select Save Stream from the drop-down menu. If the incorrect selection is made in the drop-down menu, the application will not run as expected or may not run at all.
  5. Click
    to run the application with the System Analyzer HUD overlay.
  6. You can press CMD+F12 to pause/play your application for live frame analysis.

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