• Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2019 R4
  • 12/20/2019
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Launch Application Using Command Line

Graphics Monitor has functionality through Command Line. Typically, this function is recommended for launcher based games. Prerequisites to access these features:
  1. Open up a terminal window
  2. Navigate to the resources folder for GPA monitor by entering the following command:
    cd /Applications/Intel/GpaMonitor.app/Contents/Resources/metal
From here you can now capture and playback streams:
./gpa-capture [path to app] [flags]
the two flags you can choose from:
[-i] is for global injection, where global injection is used for applications that must be opened through some launcher
[-s] is to capture a stream, where a stream is used for offline analysis playback
And the path to your application is dependent on whether you have a standalone application or an application that runs through a launcher (such as Steam or Blizzard). If your application runs through a launcher, then we'll need to run the command on the path to the launcher (not to the game) and set our global injection flag:
./gpa-capture /Applications/Steam.app -i
Once Steam launches (or any other launcher), login and run your game normally. If the game is a Metal application, Intel® GPA will automatically inject into it.
If injection was successful, you will see the Heads-up Display (HUD) in the top-left corner of the game. This allows you to see real-time metrics for your macOS* Metal application. The HUD can be:
Toggled on/off using
Moved using
Fit to screen with
Collect metrics in pause with F10
and pause/resume the application to bring up the multiframe analysis window using F12. Now you can go into offline multiframe analysis using Frame Analyzer or using:
./analyze-stream ~/Documents/GPA/xxxxx.gpa-stream

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