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  • 2020.4
  • 12/10/2020
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Profiling Frames

To perform in-depth frame analysis, open the captured frame files with the Graphics Frame Analyzer. By default, all captured frame files are located in the user's home directory.On Ubuntu*, it is
To open a frame file:
  1. Launch
    Graphics Frame Analyzer
    . In the opened window, you can see all the frames available in your home directory. You can use the toggle buttons to filter the view by the API type, name or date.
    You can also open frames remotely in the network mode. To connect Graphics Frame Analyzer to a remote system, click the
    Choose Target System
    button in the top left corner of the
    Open Frame Capture
    window and enter the remote system IP address. For details on using the network mode, see the Choosing between Local and Network Usage Modes topic.
  2. Double-click the frame thumbnail you want to analyze to start the analysis. The frame opens for analysis.
To profile Desktop API frames, use Graphics Frame Analyzer. With this tool, you can:
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