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  • 2020R2
  • 06/26/2020
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run_app Command-Line Syntax

To launch an OpenGL* Desktop application for analysis with System Analyzer on an Ubuntu* host, run:
run_app [
] <
> [
  • options
    provide additional settings for the application launch:
    Starts the System Analyzer locally, together with the application to profile. This option is useful if you are going to profile the application on the same system where it runs.
    -t <
    Specifies the child process to profile. Use this option for games that cannot be launched directly. For example, if your game is using a separate launcher.
    Specifies the current working directory for the analyzed application. By default, it is the directory from which you run the command.
    -i <
    Specifies one or more IP addresses to enable remote analysis. Once the application starts rendering, you can connect the System Analyzer to this application from the system with the specified IP address.  By default, you can only connect to the application from the local system.
    -o <
    Enables one of the System Analyzer state overrides. You can choose from the following overrides:
    • Disable All
    • Show Wireframe
    • Texture 2x2
    • Disable Draw Calls
    • Disable Alpha Blending
    • Disable Z-Test
    • 1x1 Scissor Rect
    • Simple Fragment Shader
    Enables DRI3. By default, DRI2 is used.
    Some drivers do not fully support DRI3. If you enable DRI3, you might run into unexpected issues.
  • application-name
    specifies the name of the application you want to analyze.
  • application-options
    are any additional parameters required for your application launch.
To view help for
from the command line, enter:
run_app -h

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