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  • 07/10/2020
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Launching OpenGL* Desktop Applications Using Command Line

To launch an OpenGL* Desktop application for analysis with System Analyzer on a Ubuntu* host, use the
GPA Monitor
  1. In the command line, switch to the directory where
    is installed. The default installation directory is
  2. Launch the application you want to profile using the
    ./run_app -s <
    • -s
      option starts the System Analyzer on your system. You can omit this option if you prefer to start the System Analyzer manually, or perform system analysis from a remote host system. By default, the System Analyzer is installed at  
    • For details on other command-line parameters, see the run_app Command-Line Syntax topic.
  3. In the System Analyzer
    dialog box, click the
    button.   System Analyzer attaches to the application, and you can start the system analysis.
You can also profile your application remotely from a Windows*, Ubuntu*, or macOS* host system. To enable remote analysis, launch the application on a remote system using the
GPA Monitor.
Once the application starts rendering, you can connect the System Analyzer to this application using an IP address or host name of the remote machine.

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