• Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2020 R1
  • 12/20/2019
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Graphics Trace Analyzer 是一种基于检测的工具。它从 gpa_trace 文件获取其数据,该文件由 Intel® GPA 在分析已利用 ITT API 调用检测的应用程序时生成。
要充分发挥 ITT API 的功能,需要将 API 调用添加到代码中来指定逻辑任务。这有助于可视化代码中各任务之间的关系,包括它们相对于其他 CPU 和 GPU 任务的开始和结束时间。
要解决大部分的性能瓶颈,使用下述 API 调用即可:
  • __itt_domain_create()
    创建大多数 ITT API 调用所需要的域。至少需要定义一个域。
  • __itt_string_handle_create()
  • __itt_task_begin()
  • __itt_task_end()
以下示例显示如何在多线程应用程序中使用这四个基本 ITT API 函数。
#include <windows.h> #include <ittnotify.h> // Forward declaration of a thread function. DWORD WINAPI workerthread(LPVOID); bool g_done = false; // Create a domain that is visible globally: we will use it in our example. __itt_domain* domain = __itt_domain_create(__TEXT("Example.Domain.Global")); // Create string handles which associates with the "main" task. __itt_string_handle* handle_main = __itt_string_handle_create(__TEXT("main")); __itt_string_handle* handle_createthread = __itt_string_handle_create(__TEXT("CreateThread")); void main(int, char* argv[]) { // Create a task associated with the "main" routine. __itt_task_begin(domain, __itt_null, __itt_null, handle_main); // Now we'll create 4 worker threads for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { // We might be curious about the cost of CreateThread. We add tracing to do the measurement. __itt_task_begin(domain, __itt_null, __itt_null, handle_createthread); ::CreateThread(NULL, 0, workerthread, (LPVOID)i, 0, NULL); __itt_task_end(domain); } // Wait a while,... ::Sleep(5000); g_done = true; // Mark the end of the main task __itt_task_end(domain); } // Create string handle for the work task. __itt_string_handle* handle_work = __itt_string_handle_create(__TEXT("work")); DWORD WINAPI workerthread(LPVOID data) { // Set the name of this thread so it shows up in the UI as something meaningful char threadname[32]; wsprintf(threadname, "Worker Thread %d", data); __itt_thread_set_name(threadname); // Each worker thread does some number of "work" tasks while(!g_done) { __itt_task_begin(domain, __itt_null, __itt_null, handle_work); ::Sleep(150); __itt_task_end(domain); } return 0; }

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