• Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2020 R1
  • 12/20/2019
  • Public Content

Intel® GPA 入门

  • 要从代码中检测到您的 DirectX 11 或 DirectX 12 应用程序在 Intel® GPA 下运行,可查询 Intel® GPA 的 GUID:ID3D11Device 或 ID3D12Device。如果检测到 Intel® GPA,则查询界面返回 S_OK。参见下例:
static const GUID IID_GPA = { 0xccffef16, 0x7b69, 0x468f,{ 0xbc, 0xe3, 0xcd, 0x95, 0x33, 0x69, 0xa3, 0x9a } }; if (SUCCEEDED(g_pd3dDevice->QueryInterface(IID_GPA, nullptr))) { // Intel(R) GPA is here!}
  • GPU 指标收集限制:
    • 如果同时从 Graphics Monitor 打开多个应用程序,则仅为前台应用程序收集 GPU 指标。
    • 如果 System Analyzer 附加到正在运行的应用程序或系统视图,则会为 System Analyzer 所附加的应用程序收集 GPU 指标。
    • 如果一个帧在 Graphics Frame Analyzer 内打开,与此同时从 Graphics Monitor 中打开了一个应用程序,则仅可在 Graphics Frame Analyzer 中提供 GPU 指标。
    • 对于使用 Intel® Metrics Discovery API 的应用程序,Intel® GPA 默认不收集 GPU 指标。为了让 Intel® GPA 收集 GPU 指标,请在 Graphics Monitor 中禁用
      GPU Metrics Collection by Target Application

Product and Performance Information


Intel's compilers may or may not optimize to the same degree for non-Intel microprocessors for optimizations that are not unique to Intel microprocessors. These optimizations include SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3 instruction sets and other optimizations. Intel does not guarantee the availability, functionality, or effectiveness of any optimization on microprocessors not manufactured by Intel. Microprocessor-dependent optimizations in this product are intended for use with Intel microprocessors. Certain optimizations not specific to Intel microarchitecture are reserved for Intel microprocessors. Please refer to the applicable product User and Reference Guides for more information regarding the specific instruction sets covered by this notice.

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